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Why Pursue the CAIA® Charter


As a finance professional, you understand the importance of putting yourself in the right position when the economy rebounds. Earn your CAIA® Charter and be on the forefront so you can set yourself apart from your competition.

Employers and clients alike will demand experienced, trustworthy professionals with working knowledge of the alternative investment industry. The CAIA Charter designation is recognized globally as the benchmark for analysis, application, and standards of practice in the alternative investment arena.

As the CAIA Charter continues to grow, the benefits that go along with earning the designation have grown as well. Once you earn the CAIA designation, you can expect to:

  • Be recognized and respected among employers, peers, and clients as a leader in alternative investing.
  • Increase your career opportunities by developing industry skills and educational standards.
  • Understand a portfolio from the investor's perspective and implement diverse strategies.
  • Stay current with trade publications, resources, and industry events that are discounted for CAIA Charter members.
  • Broaden your client base and professional networking connections through membership in global chapters.

CAIA® Exam Prep Free Resources

Take advantage of Kaplan Schweser's free resources to guide you through what you need to know about the CAIA Program and the study tools available.

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Kaplan Schweser provides an incredibly efficient way to fully prepare candidates to pass the CAIA® exam. I do not recall seeing anything on the exam that was not clearly covered in the Kaplan Schweser study materials.        

Jackie B. Rosner, CFA