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Earning your CFP® certification will require a lot of work on your part…but Kaplan CFP® exam program is built by working professionals and taught by working professionals...for working professionals. We are with you every step of the way—not only with efficient, effective study tools, but also the personalized help you need to stay on track and finish strong. Our CFP® exam programs guarantee:

  • Industry-leading, top-of-the-line materials
  • World-class, expert instruction
  • Results-oriented, student-driven philosophy

At Kaplan, we recognize that everyone studies differently. We have traditional and classroom formats, as well as a self-study program, at both stages of preparation. Choose a study program that perfectly suits your needs and learning style. Our CFP Board-registered education programs, combined with our Exam Prep Review solutions, will prepare you to master the 8 major domains covered on the CFP® exam.

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Top 5 Common CFP® Certification Myths

Financial professionals already know the benefits of earning the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ mark. Increased earnings, higher client satisfaction, additional referrals, and more desirable clients are just some of the ways CFP® certification can enhance your career.

Unfortunately, some advisors hesitate to earn their CFP® mark because of various myths and misconceptions about the certification process. Kaplan would like to expose the five most common myths about CFP® certification:

1. Earning the CFP® mark will take too long. 

     Kaplan offers traditional and virtual classroom programs that allow students to sit for the CFP® exam in 12 months.

2. I don't have time while balancing my work and family commitments.

     Set up a complete, yet flexible, study plan that is fully customizable to fit your learning style and schedule. 84% of students who start our program finish!

3. My business will suffer while I complete the required education courses.

     Advisors can immediately incorporate their education into their daily practice. 75% of CFP® professionals say that their CFP® mark directly contributes to their

4. It's too expensive.

     Kaplan's program costs are all-inclusive—no hidden costs along the way (such as books and exam fees). Plus, you can pay as you go, if you desire.

5. Kaplan is known only for its CFP® exam prep.

     In addition to its exam prep, Kaplan is recognized as one of the "25 Great Financial Planning Schools" for its education courses.2



1 CFP Board 2011 Professionals Survey 
2 Financial Planning, "25 Great Schools for Future Financial Planners," November 1, 2012