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Online Learning

Online Learning

Discover a New Learning Experience

Kaplan Schweser is committed to helping students build their futures, and we’re always looking for ways to improve your learning experience. When it comes to preparing for an exam, success depends on quality instruction and learning tools…and Kaplan’s are the best in the business.

Discover Kaplan’s seamless online learning experience with our new platform for online study tools. Our online dashboard and tools have been updated with enhanced functionality and a mobile-friendly design to improve the overall user experience.

New Features

• Simplified homepage with an icon-based dashboard makes accessing your study tools simple and intuitive
• Downloadable SchweserPro QBank allows you to study offline anytime, anywhere
• An enhanced online dashboard features a mobile-friendly design
• Important notifications are sent directly to your dashboard, keeping you up-to-date and informed
• The Schweser Study Calendar lets you create a study plan customizable to your schedule
• Study tools are specialized for your specific program, providing customized learning