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Chartered Financial Analyst® - CFA 2016 Exam Prep

Chartered Financial Analyst® - CFA 2016 Exam Prep

Kaplan Schweser is the leading global provider of financial education for hundreds of thousands of students and business professionals around the world. Our comprehensive learning strategy, known as The Kaplan Way, utilizes learning science in the instructional design of our educational tools and courses. The Kaplan Way employs a three-phase learning strategy: Prepare • Practice • Perform. By using this model as our foundation, we have constructed the most effective, comprehensive study packages in the industry, each specifically designed to help our students achieve success on the CFA® exam.   

Kaplan Schweser’s mission is to help our students succeed, and we have been the proven leader in CFA exam preparation for 25 years: 

  • Our education is backed by learning science (The Kaplan Way: Prepare, Practice, Perform)
  • We offer world-class, expert instruction by CFA charterholders with years of teaching experience
  • 96.8% of our customers would recommend Kaplan Schweser CFA exam prep
  • Kaplan's study solutions offer the convenience of mobile-friendly design with the quality content you've come to expect.*

At Kaplan Schweser, we are dedicated to helping our students achieve their career goals. Choose your CFA Program Level below to learn about our study packages, materials, and to make a purchase.

I couldn't imagine getting through the CFA exam without Kaplan Schweser! I had previously used their materials, with great success, in preparation for the CFP exam. After trying to go it alone with only the CFA Institute materials for the first two months of my study time, I realized I wasn't going to get it done without Kaplan Schweser. Their materials helped provide me with more structure and purpose with my study time and prepared me extremely well for exam day.        

R. Winrick

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