Help Me Choose a June Level I Study Package

Our recommended strategy for success follows a 4-part plan:

Help Me Choose Step 1

Study The Notes

Clear, concise, and carefully-crafted by experts, SchweserNotes™ makes the CFA® curriculum digestible and accessible.

Help Me Choose Step 2

Take a Class

Choose live classroom sessions in cities worldwide, or attend an online class during optimal hours.

Help Me Choose Step 3

Practice, Practice, Practice

Reinforce your learning and lock in knowledge at home or on-the-go with the thousands of questions in the QBank.

Help Me Choose Step 4

Get Poised to Perform

Demystify real exam conditions, connect with expert instructors, and build confidence at an immersive and supportive Review Workshop.

When selecting your CFA Study Package, you can determine how many of these touchpoints work best for you.


With six options to choose from, every candidate can find the right study platform: