Students taking notes in an essay writing workshop
Online Essay Writing Workshops

COVID-19 Update for In-Person Courses: In response to COVID-19 and the June 2020 CFA Exam postponement, Kaplan Schweser has made the decision to postpone our in-person workshops. Online options are still available.

For additional information, visit our COVID-19 FAQ page. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 877-311-9770 so that we can help find a solution that fits your education needs.

June Level III Essay Writing Workshops

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This workshop helps pinpoint the key deficiencies in your writing style and shows candidates exactly how to improve their approach to essay writing for the Level III CFA Exam. Armed with this valuable information, candidates will be able to provide better structured responses on exam day.

The workshop will utilize 20 past exam questions from the morning portion of past CFA exams. This is approximately 6 hours of questions. All questions will be relevant to the current curriculum. Workshop participants will receive the questions and answers as well as coaching from Kaplan on how to answer such questions successfully under exam conditions.

Candidates will receive 5 questions that should be answered prior to the event. These questions will be available to students in the online LMS 7 days prior to date of the Essay Workshop.

  • Workshop participants will receive coaching on how to score and improve their answers to the 5 questions completed prior to the workshop.
  • The workshop instructor will provide guidance and tips to then answer another 5 questions under timed conditions. Each question will be followed by a specific discussion of how the candidate paper would be graded and expert tips on how to improve your score and manage your time effectively.
  • The workshop includes question and answer sessions as well as group discussions of the answers.
  • An online chat feature and moderator will be available for candidates to ask questions throughout the day (online workshop only).
  • Candidates will submit their answers to an additional 10 essay questions within 2 days of the workshop.
  • Within 7 days, candidates will receive individualized feedback on their answers from a team of qualified CFA charterholders to help each candidate understand what their essays were missing and why they lost points. This team of graders has been expertly trained by Kaplan in standard-setting, Level III CFA Program exam grading techniques.
  • The Online Essay Writing Workshop will be archived and remain available on-demand for candidates to review leading up to exam day (online workshop only).