The average candidate spends over 300 grueling hours studying for the CFA® Program exam. It’s not an easy journey—and that’s why Kaplan is proud to introduce Stanley into your learning experience.

Backed by learning science and innovative technology, Stanley tells you what you need to do and when you need to do it within Kaplan Schweser’s Study Program. This intuitive guide ensures you’re efficiently navigating through our full suite of integrated study tools.

Stanley assesses how you’re performing and adapts to you, delivering a personalized learning experience and keeping you motivated throughout your studies…leading to better outcomes on exam day.

Taking exam preparation to the next level…

Guidance and Time Management

Receive the guidance you need through our full suite of study tools. From reading your SchweserNotes™ to applying what you’ve learned in the QBank to taking an assessment, you’ll be delivered the most relevant info at the moment you need it. Each time you log in, whether on your computer or in your app, you’ll know exactly how you’re doing and what you need to do next.

Personal and Adaptive

Personal and Adaptive

Schweser’s study tools adapt to you through our innovative technology, delivering a more personalized and motivating experience.

assessment feedback


Assessments are performed throughout the study program—keeping you informed of how you’re doing and measuring your preparedness for exam day.

trophy for success


Schweser’s seamless learning experience is designed to keep you efficiently moving through your studies, keeping you motivated and leading to successful outcomes.

Ready for Success?

Prepare for the CFA® Program exam with the industry’s best materials, now enhanced with Stanley.

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