CAIA® Level I OnDemand Review Workshop Package

Schweser CAIA 2023 Level I Workshop Package

CAIA Level I OnDemand Review Workshop

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OnDemand Review Workshop Package

Engage with seasoned instructors in comprehensive, OnDemand review sessions of critical CAIA curriculum topics, reinforced by problem-solving and exam-like questions. There’s no better way to lock in knowledge, hone your test-taking skills, and gain confidence leading into exam day. You’ll also gain access to a Mock Exam, which simulates actual test conditions, plus a taste of Schweser's Secret Sauce®, our ultimate guidebook to exam strategy with powerful summaries of key materials and insights on how to pass. Prepare, practice, and get poised to perform.

This late-season guidebook prepares you for CAIA exam success with a review of critical concepts and concise summaries of essential exam topics. It is designed to be a companion to more comprehensive study tools. Schweser’s Secret Sauce® includes:

  • Exam-day tips and strategies
  • Focused summaries of critical concepts

Assess your knowledge, confirm your test-taking skills, and get ready to perform on exam day when you complete our Online Schweser Mock Exam. The Online Schweser Mock Exam is designed to familiarize you with the actual CAIA exam and includes:

  • 4-hour multiple-choice exam for Level I
  • Online access and scoring, so candidates can take the exam anytime, anywhere

Retain critical information, and develop exam-day strategies in our OnDemand Review. Featuring prerecorded sessions of curriculum review with CAIA experts, you’ll learn valuable problem-solving strategies and reinforce essential exam concepts.

The OnDemand Review includes:

  • Hours of curriculum review with expert instructors
  • How to develop an overall exam-day strategy
  • Coverage of key concepts and formulas

Access our community forum to ask questions, find answers, and engage in meaningful discussions with CAIA experts and your fellow candidates. No matter where you are in your journey, you can:

  • Augment your studies with quick and accurate answers to your questions
  • Solicit advice from Schweser’s team of experts  
  • Have valuable discussions with other candidates 
  • Get essential exam prep tips and strategies

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The OnDemand Review Workshop is also included in the Premium and EssentialPlus Packages.


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Level I OnDemand Review Workshop FAQs

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Access to 2023 online materials expires on the following dates:

  • CAIA March 2023 exam products: access expires on April 30, 2023
  • CAIA September 2023 exam products: access expires on October 31, 2023

Kaplan Schweser releases a new version of products every year as the CAIA curriculum changes. Shared use is strictly prohibited.

eBook versions are available as an option within the shopping cart for SchweserNotes, Schweser’s Secret Sauce®, and QuickSheet. For an additional fee, you can receive both print and eBook versions. Learn more about our eBooks at our FAQ page.

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