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FRM® Exam FAQs

To earn the certification, you must take and pass Part I and Part II of the FRM Exam. There are no education or work requirements for taking the exam, but after you pass both parts, you must demonstrate that you’ve had at least two years of full-time work experience in the field of risk. Finance-related vocations are the only ones considered as acceptable work experience. Examples include portfolio management, industry research, trading, and risk consulting.
The FRM Exam is very quantitative, and the curriculum takes a lot of time to master. As a result, more people fail Part I than pass it, and barely half of those who take Part II pass it. One reason for this is the variations in the FRM Exam questions. Some are straightforward, others appear straightforward but have a trick to them, and the wording of others can be confusing. Therefore, there will undoubtedly be questions on the FRM Exam that give you trouble (you can learn how to tackle those here.) Some self-directed and motivated candidates are able to pass both parts of the FRM Exam using a course of self-study, but many use exam prep packages or classes to stay organized and ensure they are prepared for exam day.
For each part, you need to study a minimum of 275 hours, and you should start studying as soon as you’ve registered. You will be tested on your ability to read a question, analyze it, and apply concepts to it. So cramming in the final weeks before the exam won’t help you. The topics require a type of knowledge that can only be gained over a structured, careful course of study—not last-minute, frantic reviews of core materials. You can learn more about how to study for the exam here.

Part I of the FRM Exam is computer-based; with 100 multiple-choice questions. Part II of the FRM Exam is computer-based; with 80 multiple-choice questions. Both Parts of the FRM exam are four hours in length.

FRM is an acronym for Financial Risk Manager. Offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), the FRM designation is recognized as the leading certification for risk managers. Those with the FRM designation are in high demand because of their demonstrated ability to anticipate, respond, and adapt to critical risk issues. The FRM designation lets banks and financial firms know that you take risk management seriously, and your knowledge has been validated by international professional standards.