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Part I FRM Exam Study Packages

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Receive expert instruction with our most popular FRM study materials to give you a solid framework to prepare, practice, and perform on the FRM exam.



Study at your own pace with this comprehensive FRM study program.

Part I FRM Classes

Convenient instructor-led study options that fit your preference.

OnDemand Classes

Attend OnDemand Classes from the comfort of your own home or office, anytime.

Free Trial

Unsure about studying with Schweser? Try it first by getting free access to study tools and an OnDemand Class.

Final Review

Engage with expert instructors in a balanced mix of curriculum review and problem solving.

Part I FRM Individual Products

Hone your test skills with these proven study products.

SchweserNotes™ & Quicksheet

Break down the entire FRM curriculum into bite-sized segments and master every Learning Objective.

SchweserPro™ QBank

Apply what you’ve learned by creating custom or adaptive quizzes from 900+ unique questions.

Part I FRM Final Review

Build up your confidence with materials that will get you ready for exam day.

OnDemand Review

Practice and perform with the OnDemand Review—the ideal way to wrap up your study plan.

Online Mock Exams

Assess your knowledge, confirm your test-taking skills, and get ready to perform on exam day with an Online Schweser Mock Exam.

Schweser’s Secret Sauce®

Finish your studies and get extra insight on the exam-taking process with Schweser’s Secret Sauce®.

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