Studying for the Part II exam is crucial, and it takes a substantial effort.

There are no shortcuts. The one thing standing between you and success on the FRM Exam Part II is hard work. GARP recommends you aim to spend at least 200 hours preparing for Part II exam. Schweser’s Prepare, Practice, Perform® methodology gives you the structure you need to get the most of the time you spend preparing.

Previous Knowledge

Anyone can register to take the exam. FRM certification is awarded after a candidate has passed two rigorous multiple-choice exams (FRM Exam Part I and Part II) and demonstrated two years of relevant work experience. Candidates must take the FRM Exam Part I before taking Part II. Certified FRMs are strongly encouraged to earn 40 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every two years to maintain the latest best practices in risk management.

Part II Curriculum

  • Market Risk Measurement and Management - 20%
  • Credit Risk Measurement and Management - 20%
  • Operational Risk and Resiliency - 20%
  • Liquidity and Treasury Risk Measurement and Management - 15%
  • Risk Management and Investment Management - 15%
  • Current Issues in Financial Markets - 10%