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Posted By: Eric Smith, CFA, FRM
Published: May 2, 2016

There will undoubtedly be questions on the FRM® exam that give you trouble. You might not understand the question, may think that none of the answers make sense, or simply may not know the concept being tested. The following tips will prove to be useful if you find yourself facing a difficult question on the FRM exam.

  • If the question does not make sense, or if none of the answers look remotely correct, reread the question to see if you missed something. If you are still unsure, mark an answer choice and move on. Don’t agonize over it and waste precious time that can be allocated to easier questions.
  • Never leave an answer blank. A blank answer has a maximum point value of zero. A randomly marked answer has an expected value of 0.25 points, and if you can eliminate one bad answer, this value increases to 0.33 points. You will not be penalized for wrong answers.
  • If you are unable to determine the “best” answer, you still should be able to help your odds. Try to eliminate one answer choice and then take an educated guess.
  • Take some comfort in the fact that the FRM exams are likely graded on a curve. If a question gave you trouble, it is quite possible that it was troublesome for many other candidates as well.
  • Do not lose your confidence over one, or even several, tough questions.

It is very difficult to generalize FRM exam questions. Some are straightforward, some look straightforward but have a trick to them, and some may be worded in a confusing way. Keep in mind that GARP’s objective is to evaluate your grasp of the FRM curriculum, not to confuse or frustrate you with difficult questions.


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