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FRM® Part II OnDemand Review

Kaplan Schweser's OnDemand Review Package for Part 2 of the FRM exam

FRM Part II OnDemand Review

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OnDemand Review

Retain critical information, and develop exam-day strategies in our OnDemand Review. Featuring 20+ hours of curriculum review with FRM experts, you’ll learn valuable problem-solving strategies and reinforce essential exam concepts.

The OnDemand Review includes:

  • 20+ hours of curriculum review with expert instructors
  • How to develop an overall exam-day strategy
  • Coverage of key concepts and formulas

You'll also get access to Schweser’s Secret Sauce®, a compact guidebook containing a concise review of the FRM® curriculum and helpful exam tips. 

Complete your study plan with the OnDemand Review and study tools in the Premium Package.


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