Candidates who were able to pass the CAIA Level 1 exam

How to Pass the CAIA® Level I Exam

What’s the best way to prepare for exam day? Follow these five simple tips to pass your Level I CAIA® Exam.

Young man preparing to pass the CAIA^®^ Level 2 Exam

How to Pass the CAIA® Level II Exam

How different is the Level II CAIA® Exam compared to Level I? Follow these five tips to help you pass Level II, and earn the CAIA® Charter.

Woman frustrated over makign a mistake while preparing for the CAIA exam

Five Common Study Mistakes and Advice for CAIA® Exam Prep

Learn from past exam takers’ mistakes! Learn the most frequent CAIA® study mistakes, and strategies for overcoming them.

Road sign advising to be prepared - Kaplan Schweser

Level I CAIA® Exam Day Preparation Tips

Don’t let anything catch you off-guard. Get five easy tips to help you set expectations for the Level I CAIA® exam day experience.

Why Pursue the CAIA Charter?