CFA Exam Date postponed to December 2020

Posted By: Kaplan Schweser
Updated: March 30, 2020

The June CFA® exam day is changing in 2020 because of the novel coronavirus (and its disease COVID-19). CFA Institute has announced that they will be postponing the June 2020 exam and working with registered candidates to move them to later sittings. Let’s review this decision and discuss what it means for you and your study plan.

CFA® Exam Postponement Due to COVID-19: Details

Here are the main facts about the postponement shared by CFA Institute:

  • CFA charter candidates registered for the June exams will be transferred to one of the next two exam administrations.
  • CFA Institute is currently working with its partners around the globe to define precisely when those next two administrations will occur; however,** the soonest opportunity will be December 2020 for all levels**. Candidates will be allowed to select a preferred future
    * On its website, CFA Institute states that June 2020 candidates should not withdraw and should wait to be contacted by early May.

What You Can Expect If You Registered for the June CFA Exam

If you registered for any level of the June 2020 exam:

  • Expect a communication from CFA Institute by early May about how rescheduling will occur. More than 245,000 candidates registered for all levels of the June 2020 exam, and CFA Institute is trying to get everything in place so they can offer all candidates a different exam date.
  • You should visit this CFA Institute web page regularly for more updates and information because the situation is fluid and delivering the exam after postponement is a major logistics initiative.

If you signed up for Kaplan Schweser June 2020 exam packages:

  • All online materials will be available to you until your new exam date. We are in the process of contacting all students and customers with additional information.
  • The in-person portions of our packages will be moved online.
  • We are in the process of rescheduling our Review Workshops and Mock Exams to support you through the exam postponements. We will notify you about these changes once they are all set up.
  • Check our COVID-19 FAQ regularly for details about all our initiatives.

Not Sure What to Do Next or How to Keep Up the Study Momentum?

“I honestly have no idea how to structure my studying anymore with all this unexpected time between now and the exam…” wrote a candidate on Reddit. Another candidate said, “This is not ideal. I am not sure I will remember anything in December.” These reactions are not surprising. You might even feel like a rug was pulled out from under your feet. But the best thing you can do is stay positive.

When you take a deep breath and think about it, you’ve just been given an extra six months to study—on top of what you’ve already done! So, the first thing you might want to do is follow the advice of yet another candidate on Reddit who said, “Gonna take a week off and reset now and think how I’m gonna tackle this.” Most of you have been studying hard, so stepping away from the work for a week or two can do you a world of good.

In the coming weeks, Kaplan Schweser will be providing videos and articles with tips and advice about how to restructure your study now that you have more than 6 more months to study, so stay tuned!

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