QBank Is Not Enough to Pass CFA

Posted by: Kaplan Schweser
Published: June 25, 2020

Can I pass the CFA® exam using just a question bank? Because a big part of studying for the exam is practicing, candidates ask us this question frequently. A question bank is a valuable study tool that can help you be better prepared for the CFA® exam. However, it is difficult to pass the exam if it’s the only tool you use. This article explores why.

What Is a CFA® Exam Question Bank?

A CFA exam question bank is a collection of exam-style questions designed to reflect the current CFA Program curriculum and standards. An example is SchweserProTM QBank, which has more than 4,100 questions that help you ensure you’ve learned the CFA exam material and can apply the concepts you’ve mastered.

SchweserProTM QBank is among a set of tools based on the Kaplan Way, our philosophy for preparing for exams successfully, which has three stages. In the prepare stage, you read, watch module videos, and listen to lectures. In the practice stage, you apply what you learned and work through actual problems. In the perform stage, you simulate exam conditions to assess your level of readiness. SchweserPro QBank is part of the practice stage and can be a helpful source of additional question practice during the perform stage.

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Why a Question Bank Is Not Enough

Using only SchweserProTM QBank or any other question bank to study for the exam is not likely to yield a passing score on the exam. Most candidates need more than a single study tool; they need a full set of tools. To be efficient and ensure that they are fully prepared, candidates need significant structure and guidance. A question bank is just one tool in the arsenal you need to prepare for each level of the exam.

To study for the CFA exam, you need to practice with exam-like content. You need to take practice and mock exams. These have exam-style questions with up-to-date topic weightings, so you can get used to the format and focus. Practice and mock exams also provide the conditions, such as time management, under which you will take the exam. In the case of SchweserProTM QBank, you can use it throughout your study calendar to reinforce concepts and as a tool for extra question practice on weaker areas identified by the practice and mock exams.

How Integrated CFA Exam Study Tools Can Help

  • What else should you use when studying for the CFA exam? Here are some guidelines:
  • Core learning tools that teach the material, allow you to practice what you’ve learned, and assess how you’ve performed are essential. A question bank should be part of these core learning tools.
  • Instruction tools and classes with expert instructors can help you learn the CFA Program curriculum through engaging lectures and exam-based applications.
  • Review products and workshops can reinforce your knowledge, allow you to practice with experts, and help you work on exam strategy.

The best study tool strategy is an integrated one. When study tools work together, you don’t have to figure out what to do or when. Making integrated study tools part of your CFA exam study plan can give you the structure you need to prepare effectively, including addressing your weak areas.

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