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Combine effective study materials, expert instruction, and a final review to provide you with maximum confidence.


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Receive expert instruction with our most popular CFA Program study materials to give you a solid framework to prepare, practice, and perform on the CFA Program exam.



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Student attending a Kaplan Schweser Online Class

Online Classes

Simplify your commute and get world-class instruction from the comfort of your home.

Student taking notes in a Kaplan Schweser Review Workshop

Final Review

Engage with expert instructors in a balanced mix of curriculum review and problem solving.

Individual Products

Hone your test skills with these proven study products.

SchweserNotes™ for the December Level I CFA Exam


More than just textbooks. This 5-volume set breaks down the CFA Program into bite-sized segments that help you learn and retain the Learning Outcome Statements.

SchweserNotes™ Audio MP3s

SchweserNotes™ Audio

Take SchweserNotes™ anywhere you go with over 20 hours of professional readings and complete coverage of the entire CFA Progarm curriculum.

SchweserPro™ QBank

SchweserPro™ QBank

Apply what you’ve learned by creating custom or adaptive quizzes from over 3,800 unique questions. Study on the go, measure your performance, and master the curriculum.

Schweser Practice Exams

Practice Exams

Identify opportunities to strengthen your trouble areas and complete your knowledge base with four full-length practice exams.

Kaplan Schweser CFA Flashcard set


Test your knowledge of every Learning Outcome Statement whenver you have 15 mintues to spare with this portable study tool.

Kaplan Schweser CFA Quicksheet


Review on-the-go with this compact study tool that summarizes key formulas, definitions, and concepts needed to pass the CFA exam.

Final Review

Build up your confidence with materials that will get you ready for exam day.

Kaplan Schweser CFA Review Workshop Books

Review Workshops

Review exam topics that are causing you trouble and build exam-day confidence by interacting with a CFA Program expert in a live or online class.

Kaplan Schweser Mock CFA Exam

Mock Exam

Don’t go into exam day without practicing first. Replicate the actual CFA exam with an experience that is as close to the real thing as you can get.

Kaplan Schweser's Secret Sauce®

Secret Sauce®

Knowing the curriculum is only half of the equation to success. Learn exam-day strategies and receive guidance on how to pass the CFA exam.

Kaplan Schweser's 101 Must Knows

101 Must Knows

You only have two 3-hour sessions to complete the CFA exam. Learn how to apply your knowledge and answer questions quickly with 101 exam-like questions.

Core Elements

Learn the core elements underlying the Level I exam before you begin studying.

Schweser CFA Core Elements Package

Core Elements Online Package

Receive both the Financial and Reporting Analysis course and the Financial Mathematics and Investments course.

Core Elements Financial Reporting and Analysis Course

Financial Reporting and Analysis Course

Get an introduction to the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Core Elements Financial Math and Investments Course

Financial Math and Investments Course

Master the concept of time value of money and its use in investment valuation.

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