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Practice taking the computer-based test before exam day with the Schweser Mock Exams. These realistic exams simulate the interface, format, difficulty, and length of the actual CFA exam—helping you develop your test-taking skills, identify your weak areas, and demonstrate your mastery of the CFA Program curriculum. Afterward, view answer explanations, check your score compared to those of other candidates, and drill deeper into each question with our Mock Exam Tutorial.



2022 Mock Exam Details

The Online Schweser Mock Exam features:

  • Three modes:
    • Exam Sim: Take the exam using the actual interface you’ll encounter on the computer-based CFA exam.
    • Online: Take the exam using the standard Kaplan Schweser online interface.
    • Print: Take the exam on paper and enter your answer choices in an online answer form.
  • CFA Institute's time limits of 4 hours 30 minutes (each exam consists of two sessions of 2 hours 15 minutes)
  • CFA Institute's topic weightings and exam format
  • Online answer explanations
  • Online scoring and performance tracking by topic area with a comparison to other candidates
  • Answer explanations that include LOS references for every question
  • Exam Tutorial
    • Available for Mock Exams 5 & 6 only
    • Detailed video explanations of how to arrive at each of the answers

Mock Exam Options:

  • Mock Exams 1-4: Four unique sets of questions with three attempts per exam
  • Mock Exams 1-6: Six unique sets of questions with three attempts per exam. Mock exams 5 & 6 include the exam tutorial
  • Mock Exams 5 & 6: Two unique sets of questions with three attempts per exam. Mock exams 5 & 6 include the exam tutorial

Note: The system allows three attempts per mock exam. You cannot switch exam modes after beginning an exam.

Exam Sim Details

Exam Sim allows you to take the computer-based mock exam in the interface used on exam day. 

Time Limits

Exam sim uses the same time limits and built-in breaks that CFA Institute uses on the exam; however, you do not need to follow these constraints. These serve as a guideline to you in order to replicate the exam as closely as possible. When the timer hits zero, you can continue completing the mock exam without a time constraint.

Answering Functionality

Answer, skip, flag, and filter questions exactly like the actual exam. This type of practice helps improve efficiency in completing the exam under the time constraints set on exam day. You must answer all questions on the mock exam in order to complete each section. Once you complete both sections of the mock exam, view the detailed results report using our Exam Tutorial.

Watch the video below for a detailed demonstration of the new Exam Sim functionality.


Online Mock Exam Instructions

The Online Schweser Mock Exam is accessed through your Online Access Account and available through exam day. The Online Schweser Mock Exam Instructions PDF will be added to your account and provides important information on how to access your exam and what to do after you take the exam.


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Your access to online materials varies by exam window:

  • February 2022 expires March 31, 2022
  • August 2022 expires September 30, 2022
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