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Level III Premium Study Package

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Step up to a high-level package that fuses our world-renowned study materials with expert instruction to create a dynamic framework for your exam prep.

Level III focuses on taking all the material learned in Levels I and II and applying it to real-life situations. The exam consists of constructed response (essay) and item set questions. Constructed response questions are unique to the Level III exam, so it is extremely important that you familiarize yourself with the exam format and can formulate written responses quickly and accurately. Our CFA® experts have designed study materials to sharpen, train, and perfect your exam-taking skillset under any conditions. Live Weekly Classes, available online and in cities worldwide, will help you dive even deeper into mission-critical curriculum with examples. Studying on your own and consulting with expert instructors is the best way to ensure complete and accessible knowledge retention. And the results you desire.


  • Master the CFA curriculum and every Learning Outcome Statement with clear and concise SchweserNotes™ Volumes 1-5.

  • Study efficiently anytime, anywhere with our eBooks and integrated mobile-friendly digital platforms.

  • Attend Live Weekly Classroom Sessions or Online Classes led by CFA charterholders.

  • Reinforce what you’ve learned by reviewing critical concepts and building custom exams by topic from thousands of questions in the QBank.

  • Review key formulas on-the-go with QuickSheet, a handy compact laminated study tool also available in an eVersion.

  • Consult with Study Calendar to use our study materials in the most efficient way possible.

  • Connect directly to the experts through Ask Your Instructor to have any question answered within 24-48 hours.

  • Apply your learnings, gauge your progress, and build confidence with the 6 full tests in Practice Exams, Volume 1 & 2.

  • Compare your scores to others and identify opportunities to improve with access to our Online Performance Tracker.

  • Know that Schweser is so confident you’ll get results, PassProtection™ will offset significant costs your second time around.

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