What Is The CAIA® Stackable Credential Program?

By: Kaplan Schweser
December 14, 2021
Skipping Level I of CAIA exam because of the Stackable Credential Pilot

The CAIA Stackable Credential Program allows eligible candidates with the CFA® charter to bypass Level I of the rigorous two-part Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) exam. The goal is to enable qualified candidates to “stack” their CFA charter knowledge and credentials and move directly to Level II of the CAIA exam. This article explains what the program is, how it works, and who is eligible.

Why Was The CAIA Stackable Credential Program Developed?

Using knowledge gained from earning one financial credential to help earn another isn’t new. For example, a CFA charterholder is exempt from many of the education requirements for earning the CFP® mark. More specifically, the CAIA Association recognizes that there is an overlap in the knowledge requirements for the CFA and CAIA credentials. Therefore, CAIA Association has taken it a step farther with this program by exempting qualified CFA charterholders from having to take Level I of the CAIA exam.

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How To Apply For The CAIA Stackable Credential Program?

Once you have decided to pursue the CAIA Stackable Credential Program, you can begin the registration process on the CAIA Exam Registration and Fees page.  Be sure to follow the registration directions under the ‘Application and Fees’ header on CAIA Association’s program page.

Once you complete the registration, your application is entered into a verification queue. You will receive notification that your application has been received with further information regarding the verification process.

Are You Eligible for the CAIA Stackable Credential Program?

The eligibility requirements for the CAIA Stackable Credential program are as follows:

  • No existing CAIA exam history
  • Being a CFA charterholder in good standing
  • A CFA digital badge, verifiable by CAIA Association
  • Applying and registering for the program during CAIA’s exam registration periods

It’s important to note that program participants are not eligible for the CAIA Gateway Scholarship or any other CAIA scholarship program. CAIA Academic Partner faculty, who are CFA charterholders, should contact CAIA Association for more information regarding their program eligibility.

How To Prepare For The CAIA Level II Exam?

If you’re accepted into the program, consider increasing your odds of passing with a CAIA Level II study preparation package.  As a CAIA Stackable Program participant, you are eligible to receive a FREE Kaplan Schweser CAIA Level I package with your purchase of a Level II package. In this way, you can review any Level I topics that you need to brush upon.

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What If You Fail The CAIA Level II Exam While Enrolled In The CAIA Stackable Credential Program?

If you fail the CAIA Level II exam while enrolled in the CAIA Stackable Credential program you can retake the exam.  There will be a $450 fee if you decide to re-register for the Level II exam while enrolled in the CAIA Stackable Credential program. The CAIA Association is committed to helping you earn the CAIA designation and will allow you to try again regardless of your status in the program. 

Ready to Start Preparing?

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