Engage with seasoned instructors in a comprehensive 8-hour review of critical FRM curriculum topics, reinforced by problem solving, exam-like questions and the opportunity to get instant feedback. There’s no better way to lock in knowledge, hone your test-taking skills and gain confidence leading into exam day. You’ll also gain access to Mock Exams which simulate actual test conditions, plus a taste of Secret Sauce®, our ultimate guidebook to exam strategy with powerful summaries of key materials and insights on how to pass. Prepare, practice, and get poised to perform.

This late-season guidebook prepares you for FRM exam success with a review of critical concepts and concise summaries of essential LOs. It is designed to be a companion to more comprehensive study tools. Schweser’s Secret Sauce® includes:

  • Exam-day tips and strategies
  • Focused summaries of critical concepts

Assess your knowledge, confirm your test-taking skills, and get ready to perform on exam day when you complete our Mock Exam. The Schweser Mock Exam is designed to familiarize you with the actual FRM Exam and includes:

  • Actual FRM Exam length and question count
  • Online scoring to pinpoint weak areas that require attention before exam day

Every candidate has questions they wish they could ask an expert as they prepare for the FRM Exam. Those last-minute questions can be answered in this live webcast covering the essential curriculum topics.

The Online Review Workshop includes:

  • 8 hours of review with instant feedback during Q&A session
  • The opportunity to develop an overall exam-day strategy
  • Coverage of key concepts and formulas

Think you might miss the workshop? Will you want to go back to review a difficult concept?
No problem, the session is recorded for your review…anytime, anywhere!

Take your review on the go with Schweser’s Secret Sauce®