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Kaplan Schweser vs. Wiley: CFA Prep

By: Kaplan Schweser
November 15, 2022
Kaplan Schweser vs Wiley CFA Prep Comparison Guide

Picking a prep provider to help you succeed in your pursuit of the prestigious CFA designation can be difficult. Each provider offers different prep packages and individual study materials specifically developed to give you the best chance at passing each CFA exam. In this article, we compare Kaplan Schweser vs. Wiley to help you understand which products and services have proven to be most helpful and favored by CFA candidates. 


Kaplan Schweser vs. Wiley: CFA Prep Package Comparison

CFA candidates rely on high-quality, easy-to-use study materials designed by experts that closely mimic the actual exam. Recent candidates have expressed their overwhelming satisfaction with the mock exams, practice questions, and study notes offered by Kaplan Schweser compared to Wiley.

“Kaplan Schweser is used by more CFA Level I candidates than any other CFA exam prep provider.”*


Kaplan Schweser


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Live Review Workshops

Mock Exams w/Exam Sim

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Practice Questions

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Video Lectures


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Kaplan Schweser vs. Wiley: CFA Cost Comparison

Kaplan Schweser and Wiley offer three different CFA prep packages at different costs. Each provider’s prices are similar however candidates prefer Kaplan Schweser’s CFA prep packages over Wiley because Kaplan Schweser’s are seen by candidates as having a higher value and are more easily customizable for each person’s specific needs. 

“U.S. CFA Level I and Level II candidates consider Kaplan Schweser to be among the highest quality, most comprehensive, and easiest to use CFA exam prep providers in the industry.”*

Package Tier

Kaplan Schweser Cost

Wiley Cost











CFA Essential Exam Prep Package

Kaplan Schweser’s Essential Exam Prep Package turns your self-study path into a guided tour with concise study notes to help you master each exam topic.

CFA Premium Exam Prep Package

Kaplan Schweser’s Premium Exam Prep Package contains everything you need to be successful on exam day, including convenient OnDemand classes and review sessions that are led by the industry’s largest team of expert CFA instructors.

CFA Premium Plus Exam Prep Package

Kaplan Schweser’s PremiumPlus™ CFA Prep Package is an all-inclusive study package that contains the same tools found in the Premium Package but allows you to select a Live Online option for your Instruction and Review.

Wiley vs Kaplan Schweser: CFA Pass Protection

Kaplan Schweser offers Schweser’s PassProtection™, which means if CFA candidates need a second chance, their entire exam prep package for the next exam sitting will be free and this is included in all prep packages. Wiley’s also offers a “Partner Until You Pass” policy. if a candidate fails an exam, they will need to call in to renew their access with Wiley.  

Practice Question Comparison

CFA candidates want access to a large number of CFA practice questions that mimic the real exam when preparing for each level, especially when self-studying. Both Wiley and Kaplan Schweser offer a large number of practice questions but candidates prefer Kaplan Schweser’s QBank because they most closely match the actual exam and candidates have the ability to control their experience with different question difficulties, topic coverage, and create custom quizzes. 

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Mock Exam Differences

All Kaplan Schweser prep packages come with 6 CFA mock exams and exam sim which allows candidates to experience what the actual test will be like. Wiley offers 2 mock exams without exam sim which doesn’t allow candidates enough time to get comfortable with the testing software and develop effective test-taking skills. 

Kaplan Schweser also offers a free diagnostic CFA exam designed to give Level I candidates a way to evaluate their baseline knowledge of the Level I Program curriculum.

CFA Prep Course Formats

Flexibility in how prep courses are offered is an important aspect of what CFA candidates expect to have when choosing a prep course. Kaplan Schweser’s courses are available OnDemand and Live and recent CFA candidates have preferred Kaplan Schweser’s classes 2:1 over Wiley. No matter which format is chosen, with Kaplan Schweser, candidates have access to

  • A two-volume set of Class Workbooks containing material, examples, and questions to support instruction.
  • Access to the Kaplan Schweser Community forum, where they can engage with instructors and fellow candidates.
  • InstructorLink which gives them a direct line to expert instructors.

Curriculum Topic Lessons

Kaplan Schweser really exceeds Wiley’s curriculum prep content in terms of comprehensiveness and accuracy. Recent candidates strongly prefer Kaplan Schweser’s rigorous curriculum and felt challenged and better prepared for the actual exam when using an exam prep package from Kaplan Schweser.  

OnDemand Video Lectures

Both Kaplan Schweser and Wiley offer OnDemand video lectures for each exam level. Kaplan Schweser offers this option in prep packages and as an individual study resource. So both self-study candidates and traditional candidates have the option to use OnDemand video lectures to help them prepare.

One benefit of Kaplan Schweser’s OnDemand classes over Wiley is each candidate gets access to the Kaplan Schweser Community forum when they purchase an OnDemand class. The Kaplan Schweser community forum is a great place for candidates to continue learning after watching video lectures and ask follow-up questions to instructors and other candidates.  

Expert Online Mentoring

Kaplan Schweser has the industry's largest team of expert CFA instructors. Wiley gives candidates access to their instructors when they purchase a prep package but Kaplan Schweser gives candidates multiple ways to get in touch with their experts. Kaplan Schweser’s InstructorLink and Community forum provide candidates a direct line to their knowledgeable and experienced CFA instructors. 

Both options are included in individual study materials like OnDemand courses and all CFA prep packages. Candidates often express how Kaplan Schweser’s instructors helped them learn the curriculum and CFA-specific exam-taking strategies.

“U.S. CFA Level I and Level II candidates consider Kaplan Scwheser to be the most experienced CFA exam prep provider in the industry.”*

CFA Final Review Options

Both Wiley and Kaplan Schweser offer CFA Final Review products. Wiley’s 11th Hour Review course is available in their Platinum package or as an individual product. Kaplan Schweser’s Final Review products are also available as individual products in OnDemand and Live Online formats and in both Premium and PremiumPlus prep packages.

Kaplan Schweser vs. Wiley CFA Summary

When considering an exam prep provider, candidates look for quality, comprehensiveness, value for money, and ease of use which Kaplan Schweser consistently provides for all CFA candidates. Wiley offers some lower-cost prep packages but lacks comprehensiveness and value. Candidates typically use one exam prep provider in addition to their CFA Institute-provided materials for either Level I or Level II, and Kaplan Schweser is the most commonly used.   

“U.S. CFA Level I and Level II candidates consider Kaplan Schweser to be the leader in CFA exam prep.”*

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* These are the findings of a quantitative survey conducted by Kaplan between June 30 and August 30, 2021. For this survey, a sample of 313 U.S. CFA Level I and Level II candidates was interviewed online. The survey was fielded to subscribers of and


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