Man preparing for FRM exam on his laptop

Four Essential FRM® Exam Preparation Strategies

Being aware of the big picture and knowing the main concepts are two broad strategies that will help you apply more specific strategies to recall information on exam day.

A sheet of paper with a question mark for an answer.

What to Do with Difficult FRM® Exam Questions

There will undoubtedly be questions on the FRM exam that give you trouble. The following tips will prove to be useful when you find yourself facing a difficult one.

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Time Management During the FRM® Exam

Candidates who fail the FRM Exam often cite time management as a downfall. These tips will help you manage your time wisely on exam day.

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Eight Tips for Answering FRM® Exam Questions

Keep these 8 valuable tips in mind while you practice working through multiple-choice questions in preparation for the FRM Exam.

Why Pursue the FRM® Designation?