The road to CFA exam success begins with a solid study plan

How to Prepare an Effective CFA® Study Plan

The CFA® Program exam covers a great deal of material. To be successful, you need an effective plan. Kaplan Schweser CFA expert Tim Smaby gives you tangible advice for building your study plan.

How to Pass the 2020 Level I CFA® Program Exam: Video Tutorial

Dr. Doug Van Eaton, CFA explains proven study strategies for passing Level I of the CFA® Program exam from his unique perspective as an experienced Level I instructor.

Woman preparing for Level I of the CFA exam on her laptop computer

The Best Way to Study for the CFA® Level I Program Exam

We asked over 100 of our former students what advice they had for candidates just getting started. We compiled their advice in this article to help you map out your own study strategy.

Navigating a new path for retaking the CFA Exam

Designing a Strategy to Retake CFA® Exam

Finding out you didn’t pass the CFA® Program exam can be difficult. This three-step guide will help you focus on the areas where you need the most work, and develop a plan to be successful next time.

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